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We offer a range of business software solutions, designed to make your organisation more efficient, effective and profitable.

National Pegasus Partner Of The Year

Thanks to our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we’ve been named National Pegasus Partner of the Year two years running. This accolade reflects the dedication of our support team, and the exellence of the service we provide our customers.

As a Gold Certified Partner and a member of the Pegasus Centre of Excellence, TMB is a name you can trust. 

Customers First

Our priority is always our customers, and giving them the best service we possibly can. 

At all times, we aim to keep clients in the loop, explaining which software would benefit their business most and why – without blinding them with technical jargon or complicated contracts. 



"I spoke to TMB and they were absolutely brilliant. They are so patient and they clearly explained what I needed to do. There is always someone on the helpdesk to talk to, and they will sort out a problem right away."
Dianne Skegg, Park Farm Hotel