Pegasus CIS

Take control of your contracts and costs

When you move to Pegasus Business Cloud, you can access a complete business solution online, at the office or on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

It’s simple to install and use and offers a way to modernise your business very quickly, easily and cost effectively.

With Opera 3 on Pegasus Business Cloud, you can rest assured that your financial and business operations will run smoothly without the added cost of purchasing or maintaining network hardware, software or data storage.

It’s been estimated that the average construction project suffers 150% cost overruns and completes more than 175% late. Investing in the right software can help transform the hectic day-to-day running of a construction project into a manageable and more profitable proposition where projects are delivered on time and within budget. Pegasus CIS (Construction Industry Solutions) can help you do just that. From sub-contractors to main contractors, budgeting and purchasing through to valuations and billing, Pegasus CIS provides an unparalleled level of control over every aspect of contract management, so that you have all the information you need to run your projects profitably. It is a truly integrated solution where payments, receipts, retentions, cashflow and management reporting are all controlled from within Pegasus CIS, to give you a central place to manage your contracts. Ease of use coupled with some of the most powerful reporting tools available will transform the management of your contracts.

  • Contract Costing: phases, job heads, cost and revenue transactions, committed costs, actual/budget variance, CVR reporting
  • Contract Purchasing: Bill of Requirements, purchase orders, Goods Received Notes, Purchase Invoice Register, committed costs
  • Plant hire: internal and external plant hire, On hire/Off hire, plant returns, overdue plant, transfer plant between Jobs
  • Contract Sales: valuations/measurement, payment applications and certificates, invoicing, aged debt, retention, main contractor discount, deferred VAT
  • CIS Subcontractors: online verification, subcontractor orders, invoices/applications/timesheets, payment certificates and statements, online CIS300 monthly return, self-billing, authenticated VAT receipts
  • Labour: timesheet entry, posting to Payroll, on-costs from Payroll
  • Stock Control: monitor stock levels and movement, allocate and issue stock to jobs 
  • Management reporting 
  • Integrated accounting: links with Pegasus Opera 3 and Opera II, Sage 50 and Sage 200

Pegasus CIS In The Cloud

Pegasus Business Cloud® is an alternative option for implementing Pegasus CIS: it provides a secure enterprise-class cloud computing platform that offers infrastructure, scalability and ongoing IT management and administration designed to support business-critical systems.
When you deploy Pegasus CIS in the cloud, your contract and project management solution is accessible online any time, from anywhere, whether in the office or on site.

Benefits Of The Cloud

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Minimal up-front investment
  • Data can be shared across your business
  • Fast implementation
  • Security and reliability
  • Monthly payments
  • Flexibility to grow
  • Adaptability to changing business needs
  • Support and training from a local Pegasus Partner
  • Integration with Windows applications