Customer Support

Contacting the Pegasus helpdesk

Our friendly helpdesk team consists of several fully accredited Pegasus Software technicians, all of whom have extensive experience with the full range of Pegasus solutions. They can help with everything from licensing queries to configuration problems. Whatever you need, they can get you back on track in no time at all. 

The Pegasus helpdesk is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm, excluding public holidays.

How To Log A Ticket

There are three ways to log a ticket:

What Information To Include

Information to include when requesting support is:

  • Your name and Company Name
  • Which product are you having the problem with?
  • What is the nature of the query/issue being reported?
  • Is the error affecting a single user or multiple users?
  • Has this issue occurred previously?
  • Has anything in your system environment changed? E.g. Software upgrade, new PC/server

Providing the following information (where possible) when contacting TMB for support, will help us in accessing and resolving your issue quicker.

What Happens Next?

Upon logging a ticket, you will receive a unique helpdesk number. From the moment you log a ticket your service level agreement (SLA) starts counting down. This is our guarantee of when we will have an accredited Pegasus member of the team working on your request.

Once your ticket is logged then it will be prioritised and assigned to the correct department or resource. Tickets are then responded to in priority order and then the order they are logged.

  • Critical – the issue is preventing multiple users for working
  • High – the issue is preventing a single user from working
  • Medium – A fault that is not causing great inconvenience, either a workaround exists or it is non-urgent


TMB welcome feedback, and strive to deliver excellent service getting things right first time.  We pride ourselves on having annual training to ensure Customer Service is adhered to, and product knowledge is kept up to date. Surveys are reviewed and used to improve the teams service.